CISOs of our partners share in-depth perspective on cybersecurity trends

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PCSI plays a prominent role in the protection of the Dutch society against tomorrow's cyber-attacks.

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Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant.
Steven W. Anderson

We proudly share the results of our collaborative innovation projects with you.


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security radar security radar

Why collaborate in the Partnership?

Partners benefit from this intensive collaboration in several ways

They enhance their own cyber resilience, while at the same time contribute to the cyber resilience of Dutch society

Their own security experts are continuously challenged and gain knowledge while working with others on the cutting edge of security innovation

They can work on security innovations much more effectively because knowledge, data, and funding are shared. 

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PCSI is a collaboration of
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This project is co-funded by Holland High Tech with a PPP Grant for Research and Innovation in Top Sector HTSM ® 2023 Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation