Our objectives

The common objectives of all our partners are:

Increase resilience

Increase the resilience of Dutch society against current cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Long term

Prepare participating organisations for emerging and long term cyber security challenges.

Open innovation

Stimulate open innovation, visibility, and impact throughout our network.

Engaging network

Build an engaging network with cybersecurity professionals via an innovation ecosystem

As a starting point to achieve our ambitious goals, our Cyber Security Radar points the way to the current security trends. We periodically select the most significant and impactful trends and generate concrete innovation projects for these trends. An agile way of working helps us stay focused and continuously assess whether a project is still relevant. This way, we only work on topics that are relevant to all PCSI partners.

As we strive for our open innovation to share as many of our projects’ results with society as possible, we regularly and carefully consider which intermediate and final results we can share.

The perks of being a PCSI partner?

Read more about participation in our innovation ecosystem and opportunities to become a partner.

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