Ideation workshop

The PCSI innovates in the field of cybersecurity. In order to be able to switch quickly and to maximise the chance of success of the projects, we work with a short-cycle innovation system. We call this agile way of innovation 'Collaborative Orchestrated Innovation'. This is the first time that cybersecurity innovation projects have worked this way. The starting point of our way of working is our Cyber Security Radar. We periodically select the most significant and impactful trends by organizing theme selection moments three times a year.

Ideation workshops

During creative Ideation workshops, employees of all PCSI partners jointly generate innovative project ideas for each trend. In the end, one idea per trend is developed into a project proposal.

Dragons' Den

All project proposals are pitched to the PCSI steering committee in a Dragons' Den setting after which all are assessed based on various criteria. Criteria that are used include the 'Wow' factor, the advantages of the potential result and whether cooperation is crucial in achieving the result. If the assessment is positive, the project can start in the Explore phase of the staged innovation process.

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